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DOO TS BALKAN LTD has been established in 2020 with the aim of making the procurement of solar systems available to the widest possible range in Serbia. Our mission is to ensure the achievement of green energy for our Partners at the best price / value ratio. In the case of our optional products, we always adhere to the high-quality categories, so we sell Tier1-rated panels for solar cells and products from the largest manufacturers in the world for inverters.

Our parent company

The owner of DOO TS BALKAN LTD, the TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS KFT is the guarantee for the relevant expertise, processes and the availability of the products. The parent company was established in Hungary in 2017 and has grown into a key player in the market in recent years. Thanks to the comprehensive services provided in both the residential and business sectors, nearly 2,500 completed residential and 16 solar projects, more than 58,077 installed solar panels with a system size of 19,359 kw, ensure that you choose the right experienced partner if you choose DOO TS BALKAN LTD.

You can find more information about the parent company and projects at and also on our social channels.

Be our partner as a wholesaler

* From stock or with a short delivery time, we offer all the necessary tools and equipment at wholesale prices, which are necessary for the construction of a solar system!

* We are looking for Partners who want to participate in the business of the future in a dynamic market. Our focus is on serving our Wholesale and Retail Partners.

* If you are planning to install solar systems or want to do so in the future. Looking for source of world-class products at the right price / value ratio. You want to get the latest knowledge. Then contact us with confidence.

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